Play                               in 3 Steps

With the RalBar™ you don't need to learn major or minor chords to start playing.  With one finger accross the fretboard (front face of the neck) you can play "power chords that can be played in place of either major or minor chords.  It only takes 3 steps to start playing songs.  (Always remember to tune your RalBar™ before you play)

“I don’t Know the names of chords to play, I don’t know how to do major and minor chords on guitar at all”

Kurt Cobain - Seattle 1993

Step One - Strum

Brush the strings lightly with your right hand without touching any strings on the fretboard.

This will play a "I" power chord.

Step Two - Squeeze

Squeeze a finger on the fretboard behind the "IV" fret so the strings press on the fret.  Strum a "IV" power chord.  Now just move that finger to different numbers for different chords.

Step Three -  Song

Play 4 counts of each of the power chords I, V, VIm, IV

(remember that with power chords, you can ignore the minor 'm' symbol)

Now you've played the chords for hundreds of songs including:

With or Without You - U2

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

Demons - Imagine Dragons