A chord transposition wheel such as this can be used to transpose chord progressions to interval numbers that correspond to the RalBar’s™ markings.

A simple interactive chord wheel can be made by printing and cutting out this circle and this ring.  The ring can now be rotated to line up with known chords from a song.  (*Thanks to Frank H for making these printable files)

For instance, “UltimateGuitar.com” came up with these chords for Jason Mraz’s song “I’m Yours”:


By lining up the middle ring so B is next to I, we get this:

And see that the chords for the RalBar™ are I,V,vim,IV.

As another example, AC/DC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top” has the chords A,G,D, which translates to V,IV,I -a very common combination of chords in rock and blues.  If the key of the song is known, it goes to the top, otherwise, keep rotating until the main chords line up around the top.

Chords written in white denote chords that shuold be played as power chords as a substitution for the major or minor.

Lower case Roman Numerals indicate minor (m) chords

The III♭ chord can be played in the second octave only.  iii♭minor should be substituted with iii♭ power chord

i min chord can be played in the second octave (nearer the body), or use I power chord instead in first octave (play open strings).

Chords that cannot be played on the RalBar™ have been omitted